Why us? Because we're known for quality.

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  • The best hardware

    The best hardware

    Only the latest and greatest of hardware for us. And since we don't virtualize you directly reap the benefits.

  • Advanced security

    Advanced security

    We have top-notch protection against malicious attacks that aim to compromise your server, including DDoS attacks.

  • Round the clock support

    Round the clock support

    Our dedicated team is one of the most respected amongst gaming communities and available around the clock.

  • Giving you the tools

    Giving you the tools

    All servers come with full access to logs, the server files you need and full admin controls so you have the power, not us.

  • Game mod support

    Game mod support

    We support various gamemods such as DropParty and can install them at your request.

  • Competitive pricing

    Competitive pricing

    We offer competitive pricing for premium service; if you're happy we're happy.

Our offerings

128 slots



256 slots

$54.99 p/m


For any of your demands that aren't listed. We're flexible; let's work something out!

We work fast - your server will be up & running within 8 hours

After it's ready to go, your setup information will be mailed to you.